Sunday, May 1, 2011

'Fast Five' Review - A Very Exciting and New Direction For An Aging Series

Alright, I went at midnight last night and all I have to say is.....WOW! Anyone who has any doubts about this movie, just let them go. Summer is starting off in a big, big way, and for me, this is going to be hard to top. This is a big and exciting as movies come guys. It was great having so many of the key members back, in addition to adding Dwayne Johnson. This one feels more like the first with a lot of the family dynamics that has been missing making a welcome return.

Justin Lin has come a long way from Tokyo Drift. The action is really well shot, he gave everyone of the cast members time to shine, and he just really knows how to handle the franchise. I honestly think he is the best thing to happen to it, because he's really brought new life into over the last two films. Diesel and Johnson's big fight was really, really badass and really intense. From the beginning to the end the movie was packed full of great action and character moments that elevate this higher than most action movies. Heisting was always a small part of the series, but I never realized how much sense it made making them do a movie in the vein of Ocean's 11. It really fits the series, and I honestly welcome the change. But don't worry about them forgetting about car chases and races, because it's all still there as well.

The one thing I really liked as I mentioned earlier was having the character moments back and the feeling of family. That was something I always really liked from the first movie that was never touched on much after. This one has a lot of that, and a lot of great character moments that really flesh out the movie and put it up with the first. That's part of the reason I enjoyed it so much. Dom gives a speech how the only important people in the world are in that room and as it shows all of them, it was actually a pretty cool and touching moment. It was the first time in a long time that series has had that, and I'm glad they brought it back.

The action this time around was nothing short of incredbile. From the opening moments of the movie, it never slows down and it never dulls. The action is just insanely good. The last twenty minutes or so is a full car chase through Rio that wrecks massive destrucion that gives the Miami chase in Bad Boys 2 a run for its money. I was actually in shock out how cool some of it was. This is how action movies should be. It actually felt like an 80s action movie in a way, which was just fine with me. More movies like that, the better.

Overall, I just really loved this movie. It's surpassed the first to become my favorite in the series. It's unusual to see a movie this far into the series that is this well made and actually a really good movie. The series seems to be getting progressivly better after Tokyo Drift, which is pretty cool. If that's the case, I welcome Fast Six with open arms and will be there opening day!

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