Monday, May 13, 2013

First Look at Fox's Fall TV Batch

This is always a very exciting time of year for fans of television shows, but at the same time, not so great, because some people lose their favorite shows. While I'll mourn the loss of some shows, there's always more to look forward to by the time Fall rolls around, and this year is no different. All the networks seem to have some great shows to look forward to, but right now it's time to take a closer look at Fox, and what they'll be offering viewers next year for the 2013-2014 TV season. 

We've got a new J.J. Abrams produced series starring Karl Urban, a new comedy from the guys who brought us 'Parks and Rec', and starring Andy Samberg, a new twist on the Sleep Hollow legend, and more. Hit the jump for trailers for the new shows, the full Fox line up, and my thoughts on their newest shows. 

First Look AT NBC's New Fall TV Series Batch

It's that time a year again, folks. We're at that moments where one season of TV winds down, and we look ahead to see what the networks have to offer us this fall. Out the gate, we've already got some great looking shows from the networks, but lets take a look specifically at what we've got coming from the Peacock network. A few new ensemble comedies, one featuring the return of Michael J. Fox to TV screens, a remake of a classic procedural series from the 1960s, a new take on Dracula, and a few new thriller starring James Spader. 

It's been no secret that NBC has been struggling in the ratings, so it really seems like they're trying their hardest to find a solid footing with this new season, and from the looks of it, some of their pilots seem very promising, while others not so much. Hit the jump for the trailers for each of these new series, and leave your thoughts and comments below on the new shows. What are you most looking forward to on NBC this fall?