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Academy Awards 2012 Predictions

With the Academy Awards being tonight, I've compiled a list of what I'm thinking will go home with the little gold Oscar statue tonight. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below on my blog, as well as what you think will or won't go home with things tonight. And follow me on Twitter (@pj_campbell) as I live tweet tonight's show!

  • Best Picture - 'The Artist'
    This movie will be the easy pick this year for the Academy. It's swept so many award shows tonight, there is no way this movie doesn't win. Personally, I'd like to see 'The Descendants', 'Midnight in Paris', or 'Hugo' go home with the award, but it just isn't going to happen.
  • Best Director - Michael Hazanavicius, 'The Artist'
    Again, there is just a no way Michael doesn't get the award tonight. He's a lock for it, even though I'd like to see Alexander Payne get the award for 'The Descendants'.
  • Best Actor - Jean Dujardin, 'The Artist'
    He's a popular choice and he's being winning a lot of awards, so I just don't see him not getting it. The only person who may be able to win, and could be the shocking twist and upset to many, is George Clooney for 'The Descendants'. But as much as I'd love to see Clooney win, I really want to see the underdog, Gary Oldman, get the award for his incredible work on 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy'. He gave an amazing performance, which may be his career best.
  • Best Actress - Viola Davis, 'The Help'
    There is no way she doesn't go home with it. She's a lock, at least for me. Everyone loves the help, and they want to see her win. And I do too. She's who I'm picking for the win this year.
  • Best Actor in Supporting Role - Christopher Plummer, 'Beginners'
    Plummer was fantastic in 'Beginners', and I just don't see him not going home with it. The only other person I see possibly going home with it is Max von Sydow for his great role in 'Extremely Loud and Incredible Close'.
  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Octavia Spencer, 'The Help'
    She's destined to win this. Everything points to her taking home the award tonight, and I just don't doubt she will. She's getting it.
  • Best Music - 'The Artist'
    The whole movie is a silent movie, and the music makes it. It has to get it.
  • Makeup - 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'
    The 'Iron Lady will probably go home with the award, but I really want to see 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2' go home with the award. It's one of the only things that the final 'Harry Potter' got nominated for, sadly, and it deserves a win. I'm hoping it goes home with this.
  • Costume Design - 'The Artist'
    The costumes in 'The Artist' are really, really awesome. I just don't see it not getting it. The only other movie I'd see it possibly going to is 'Hugo', which I think will be sadly looked over this year at the show.
  • Writing (Original Screenplay) - Woody Allen, 'Midnight in Paris'
    Allen won't get best picture or director, but he'll at least get best screenplay. The academy loves him, and they'll give him this one. Not to mention, 'Midnight in Paris' is one of the best written movies of the last year, just fantastic film.
  • Art Direction - 'The Artist'
    I just have a feeling it's going home with it. I'd like to see 'Harry Potter' get it, but that won't happen.
  • Cinematography - Robert Richardson, 'Hugo'
    One of the few things I think 'Hugo' can take home tonight. 'Hugo' had one one of the most breathtaking opening shots in recent memory, and the entire movie matched that in the excellent cinematography that Richardson brought to it. 'The Artist' may get this tonight, but my gut is on 'Hugo'.
  • Best Film Editing - 'The Artist'
    It's a silent movie, so editing is key to make it work. it's definitely getting it.
  • Documentary Short - Saving Face
  • Foreign Language Film - 'A Separation'
  • Animated Film - 'Rango'
    It was the best animated movie of last year next to 'The Adventures of TinTin'. The lack of 'TinTin' nomination to me means that 'Rango' will get the award. None of the other animated films are nearly as good as this one.
  • Short Film, Animated - 'The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore'
    This one was really just grabbed me, and I think it will grab the Academy too. I just don't see it not going home with it.
  • Writing, Adapted Screenplay - 'The Descendants'
    'The Descendants' has to go home with something, and the amazingly adapted screenplay will be the thing it goes home with. At least I hope and pray it does.
  • Sound Editing - 'Warhorse'
    I am really leaning on this guy to win tonight. I loved the sound editing on this guy, and it was really well done. It's really a toss up between this and 'Hugo' though, but I'm giving 'Warhorse' the benefit of the doubt. But I really wish 'Drive' would get the award, but the Academy has overlooked the movie, so I just don't see it going home with it.
  • Sound Mixing - 'Warhorse'
    Generally, the movie that gets editing gets mixing too. So I stand by 'Warhorse'.
  • Visual Effects - 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes'
    Best visual effects of last year, hands down. It has to go home with this. If Andy didn't get best supporting actor, it deserves something.
  • Documentary - 'Paradise Lost 3'
    This is a toss up, but since the movie is about freeing people wrongfully accused of murder, I think it'll go home with it. That's pretty interesting subject matter and seems like an Academy choice.
  • Music, Original Song - 'Man of Muppet', 'The Muppets'
    There's no way it doesn't. It's an amazing song and blows the one from Rio out of the water.
  • Short film, Live Action - 'The Shore'
    It was the most cinematic and I think it connects with older Academy goers.
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